(Lindsay, Paul & Melissa) Sidecars.


To develop the next generation of sidecar racers by introducing junior competitors to the sport and creating a cost effective racing opportunity for families. To provide an entry platform for the development of young racers wishing to ultimately compete on F1/F2 road race sidecars and encourage team/family participation due to the unique partnering opportunity sidecar racing offers.


To create three standard equal class sidecars for junior competitors between the ages of 7 to 16 years, offered on a fully maintained leasing agreement for machines to be leased on a per meeting/season basis.


To establish a fleet of at least 10 sidecars for each of the following classes;

Entry Class’ - For juniors 7 to 10 years – Engine will comprise 80cc four stroke/centrifugal clutch/three speed gear box.

‘Standard Class’ - for age group 10 – 13 years – Engine will comprise 125cc four stroke/clutch/4 speed gear box.

‘Advanced Class’ - for age group 14 – 16 years – Engine will comprise 180cc four stroke/clutch/4 speed gear box.